Training weight loss

Why should I do a fat measurement?

With fat measurement we can find out exactly what percentage of fat is in our body. The result will give us information about any unnecessary fat that we need to lose with diet and exercise. In case of high or very low percentages, then the fat measurement is the first step so that with the help of the specialists we can prevent the risk of various diseases.

To understand the importance of fat measurement, you must accept the difference between each person.

1. The scales do not fall

You may be trapped in the number of scales and see that it does not fall, while following a balanced diet in combination with intense physical activity. The truth is that after intense exercise the body stores glycogen, which also contains water, resulting in retention that can reach 1-2 kg. With the fat measurement, you will see the exact composition of your body, whether the muscle mass has increased and whether the fat mass has fallen.

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2. Proper weight loss

You can watch your diet, see the drop in the number of scales, but the fat measurement will help you see if the diet plan you are following helps you lose fat and not fluids and muscles. So it is a safer tool for proper weight loss.

3. Body composition analysis

The scales are an indicator of your body weight. However, fat measurement gives you a more substantial picture of your body composition. To be precise, you can see where your fat is concentrated in parts, ie in which area of ​​your body. It better captures the state of your body and is a powerful motivator for realizing this situation and improving your own life. Especially in cases of obesity and visceral fat, which is a risk factor for various diseases.

You see that fat measurement is a useful tool for monitoring the effort to restore your body weight to normal levels. Either up or down, in a safe way.

Finally, it is important to note that fat measurement is performed by dietitians and is a painless, bloodless, economical and short process.