Training weight loss

Targeted fat burning workout

Lining is purely a matter of fat percentage. But it’s not just diet that will help us lose unwanted fat. We can speed up fat burning by having a well-designed resistance training program and if our obligations and time allow us to put in a few exercises of aerobic break exercise during the week.

Resistance training program

Weights and resistance training in general are very important if you want to get rid of excess fat. The most suitable programs for this purpose are those that we use resistance exercises usually in superset or in a circular program. The exercises are performed one after the other without or with short breaks.

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The result is that you train both your muscular system and your energy systems (aerobic and anaerobic endurance). These programs have become very popular lately, especially in America, as they build a beautiful and lined body and burn a lot of fat. They can also be done in a relatively short time and with little or no equipment.

This program is ideal for burning a lot of calories by boosting your metabolism, to lose unwanted fat, to strengthen all the muscles in your body, as well as to protect your muscle tissue.

Example of a circular program 

  • 5 pull ups (if you can’t pull, then rowing on TRX)
  • 10 TRX push ups
  • 15 bodyweight squats
  • 20 sit ups

Counting pulses after the round, a break so that they return to calm and repeat the round.

Aerobic break exercise

An intermittent exercise is an exercise in which short periods of very intense exercise are followed by short periods of rest. The reason that intermittent exercise weakens is that it raises the metabolism tremendously, as a result of which you continue to burn too many calories after the end of the exercise for up to 48 hours. This is called Metamorphosis. If we look at the general picture we will see that in 24 hours the calorie loss from the interval training is much higher than that of the low intensity of aerobic activity.

A typical interval training program lasts no more than 15 to 20 minutes of intense exercise, with sufficient resistance.

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Example of an interval training program at the track and field:

  • Relaxing jogging for warming up and dynamic stretching, lasting 5′-10 ′
  • 10 short-term increases in speed -sprint- lasting 30 ”to 60”. Between sprints walking for rest with a ratio of 1: 2, ie for every 30 “sprints we have at least 2 × 30” rest.
  • Relaxing jogging for 5 ′ recovery and stretching.