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I want to lose fat in one MONTH

We all want sliced ​​bodies in just one month, the so-called “one month transformation” and to see the fat percentage go down in a month. The question of how to lose fat fast is always in fashion. But what is really happening? Is it really possible and easy?

This is the time when you would like me to reveal to you my magic wand with its magical properties, or the magic pill with the magic easy exercise machine…

Of course, the truth lies in something simpler, in the science we learn from elementary school… What we all know, math! In order for an organism to burn fat and generally lose weight, it must:

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  1. Reduce your daily calorie intake
  2. To increase his physical activity and burns
  3. To do 1 and 2 together !!!

Bad lies, if you add some x calories to your workout and replenish them in your food then you will simply stay at the same weight. If you burn more calories than you take in then you will lose weight. Simple math!

There are a lot of hypothermic diets that promise this and in combination with increased exercise you may see the result you want! The question, of course, is not to become sliced ​​in a month, the question is the result you will be able to maintain! If, for example, the diet you have chosen, and unfortunately it is usually from the internet, imposes eggs on you every morning, for example, and you do it for a month and then return to your previous habits because you like to do that and this is what the body is used to. to make you so many years or for a month you die in gymnastics and you have indulged in any kind of exercise and after that you return to your normalcy because it just suits your daily life, your work, your body fatigue levels then then slowly or soon the effort of a month will be lost, your body will be in a state of shock and you a balloon that inflates and deflates!

So what should be done?

I want to lose fat in a month after !!!

I am with you too !!!

First of all, I will suggest you some forms of exercise that will help you burn more and keep burning for more hours after they are over.

Interval Training

The solution to the problem of time and decent combustion! As intermittent training or HIT (high-intensity interval training), we define the training that manages to alternate high intensities in short periods with periods of low intensity and rest. Result; More burns in a short time!

Choose functional-Functional workout, alternating workout with the help of kettlebell or alternating voltages even in your aerobic exercise.


Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness, as will weight loss and calorie burning. You can also work out, burn and maintain muscle strength with the right combination of exercise and repetition. Choose to work 2 or even 3 exercises together for 12 to 15 repetitions with a weight that is tolerable and forces you to the last repetitions. Ideally contact your trainer who knows your body and can guide you properly.


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And I don’t mean to start running without tomorrow! Certainly aerobic exercise (running, walking, swimming, dancing, cycling) helps burn fat, as long as it is combined with some form of strengthening (weights, Pilates, TRX, etc.). A form of aerobic exercise with a continuous rhythm for 30-40 ‘and with moderate pulse intensity as well as in the form of interval training (eg 3’ running , 2΄ walking), will help burn fat.

Finally , I would advise you to keep a close eye on the nutritionist you choose to give you a personalized diet plan as well as your trainer to guide you safely to the desired result.

Believe me, they are the only ones who know your body scientifically and what suits it!

Because… in order to be able to maintain the “one month transformation” the changes you will make must match you and your daily life so that the result is permanent and the habits that you will acquire become… HOW TO LIVE !!!