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Why you should NOT wear makeup in the gym

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More and more cosmetics companies now have on the market special make-up and make-up products, which are waterproof and are not damaged by the sweat of the face.

In fact, in terms of marketing, these products are aimed at women who are active and go to the gym regularly, as a way to always be glamorous and beautiful, even if they sweat from the gym.

But wearing makeup in the gym is wrong and hurts the skin. Dr. Rachel Nazarian, of the Schweiger Dermatology Group, argues that this can cause a number of problems: This can lead to clogging of the pores or make them grow over time, which eventually leads to pimples. “Heat trapping can also cause flare-ups of some temperature-dependent skin conditions, such as rosacea, eventually causing redness and uneven skin tone.”

Dr. Ramin Sarshad, founder of Cosmetique Aesthetics, adds that makeup also traps toxins in the skin: “Your skin needs to be able to breathe, as long as you sweat. “It’s a basic method for the body to eliminate toxins from the body when you sweat, but makeup creates a barrier layer that can potentially trap all the particles and keep them from leaving the skin.”

But what about new products that are meant to be worn, even when you sweat? Dr Nazarian says: “Although (these products) are likely to be less ‘healing’ and lighter, the skin is still a sensitive organ that needs to interact with the environment to do its job. “Any product that affects the skin’s ability to detect changes in the environment and react accordingly can cause problems.”

Dr. Sarshad puts it a little more bluntly: “Although these new products claim that you can exercise freely and go to the gym wearing them, to me it is nothing more than a marketing ploy in the cosmetics industry.”

Lastly, washing your face before exercising does not mean that you should not do the same afterwards. Each face wash serves its own purpose: “It is important to cleanse your skin first to remove all makeup products and any bacteria that could enter your pores as you sweat. It is equally important to wash your face as soon as possible after exercise, in order to remove any germs and impurities that may have accumulated during sweating “, explains Cecilia Wong, beautician and founder of the company Cecilia Wong Skincare.