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Return to the Gym after quarantine. What to watch out for ?

Life knows and plays many games, one of them we all played together for the last 3 months learning to live and και somewhat differently! In this game we stayed a long time on the “bench”! However, the time has come for us to enter the field and play dynamically, returning to normalcy in all areas and in our training!

Certainly for those who exercised and had the equipment, re-training will be easier, but for those who exercise conservatively or not at all, I have to give you the following tips to avoid injuries and muscle and gait tolerance.

1. Set goals (realistic!)

For everything we start in our life, there must be the right goal! Realistic goal! In a month, I’m sorry to tell you, but you won’t be sliced ​​and just like you dream… and if it’s done in an abnormal way, it won’t last, because your body has just learned the previous ones… (how old are you?) years to live in another way and he will soon return to what he knew. So, set small realistic goals that will make you come back smoothly and feel good.

2. Do you want to melt in the aerobics? Not with difficulty but in a way!

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You sit for so long or you had low aerobic activity due to quarantine, somewhere you even heard that by doing many kilometers and spending hours in the aerobics you only lose weight; the bus! And that’s kind of how stress comes in!

Start the first week by brisk walking or moderate-intensity cycling and elliptical for 15 – 20 ‘or if you’re a little more advanced a gentle jog and do the same at the end of your workout. In the second week of reintegration you can increase the intensity a bit and put a piece of interval training (eg 2-3 ‘jogging – 2’ walking) for 20 -25 ‘. In the third week you can increase the intensity and the time of the training a little more and somehow “build” your aerobics without straining.

3. Line and 6- Pack … .now! (don’t tell you yesterday!)