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Return to the Gym after quarantine. What to watch out for ?

I know it’s summer, these months are gone, you feel the swimsuit a little tighter on you or your body a little more relaxed and you want to see your muscles immediately formed! You know… and when we have a sore throat we want to stop hurting in one day but we don’t take all the antitussive syrup at once to get well! The same goes for our muscles; they want their time and our care.

Whether you train a little in quarantine or not, the stimuli you will get from the first workouts in the gym are special: Other equipment, other training time, etc.

I start with basic exercises for the whole body with a few sets, repetitions and weights for the first week, in the second week add a few more sets and repetitions, in the third week a little more weight and so on.

Don’t expect to gain the same weight, the same repetitions as 2 months ago. We are not even the same people as yesterday, we are constantly changing and the time our body adapts to exercise (muscles, tendons, joints, nervous system) depends on time, age, activity and even our psyche. Be patient to bring your result and give your body time to adjust.

4. Rest and stretch!

Now you will tell me; we have been resting and stretching from the couch to the bed for so long!

And I’ll tell you… it’s not what you think !!!

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Starting training intensively does not mean exaggerating. Training every day, all day to gain lost ground. Make a training plan where you will have at least 2 days of rest so that your body can rest, realize the stimuli of the training you gave it and manage to recover so as not to get injured. Also, dedicate a little more time to stretching to get your body flexible and able to work more easily and comfortably in the next workout.

Make your plan, advise your trainer , realize your goal, have patience and determination and… GOOD BEGINNING!