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Here’s why you should stop using your phone in the bathroom

According to a recent poll, many of us are addicted to our smartphones, and it might not be as harmless as one might think. If you just can’t do without your cell phone when you go to the bathroom, you should know that there are risks involved. Not only can this be harmful to your health, it also has an impact on your mind and the way you work.

Because Bright Side cares about your health, today we’ve compiled a list of the top research findings related to using your smartphone when you’re in the backyard for you.

It can spread many harmful bacteria

A study of high school students found cell phones were covered with E. coli. This harmful bacteria can lead to intestinal problems such as food poisoning, and it is not the only one that can be found in the toilet.

It can increase the risk of getting hemorrhoids

This probably happens because of the time spent on the toilet, during which a certain pressure is exerted on our organs, which are not supported by the toilet.

Although more research is needed to verify this link, cases of hemorrhoids have increased since the introduction of smartphones. So while plunging into your phone on the toilet can be relaxing, it can also be the cause of some annoying health problems, to say the least.

It can limit our thinking capacity

Cell phones interrupt our concentration and thought process, limiting our ability to work on a problem, even when we are not using them or when they are turned off.

This is why time spent without the distraction of our phone is essential for our minds, and turning it off and spending time alone is sometimes exactly what we need. Conversely, taking our phone with us to the bathroom saves us the precious breaks our minds need.

It can cause pelvic floor dysfunction

Spending an extended time in the bathroom while being distracted by our cell phone can lead to problems with our muscles and organs, especially the bowel, bladder, and vagina, which can slip because the pelvic floor muscle is no longer. strong enough to support them.

This is partly due to our posture when sitting on the toilet, especially if we are hunched over our phone for a long time.

It increases our dependence on our phone

If smartphones connect us to the whole world like nothing else, they are also very addicting. In fact, one in 10 millennials would rather lose a finger than their cell phone, according to a study. This is obviously not a good sign, because it shows that we have started to cut ourselves off from our surroundings.

So what do you think about the fact that society is so dependent on these gadgets? And you, are you addicted or do you agree that they can be really harmful? Do not hesitate to give your opinion and share your experience with us in the comments!