GYMS open back up ?

Every year at such a time, because summer was approaching, you could see it becoming inseparable in all the gyms and gymnasiums everywhere.

This year, due to the crown, as is well known, everything is closed from mid-March and the most probable date of their opening is around mid-June if all goes well.

2,500 gymnasts have only spent the last two months and more than 40,000 employees (trainers, staff) in these countries are unpaid.
What bothers most is that none of the authorities have announced a measure of support for the gyms but has not even given a hypothetical instruction on how the spaces should be on the opening date so that those in charge are properly prepared. .

The Panhellenic Gymnastics Association has officially submitted its proposal on public health measures, but also points to the possibility of a dramatic reduction in jobs.

Due to the new reality and the unbearable cost, there will be many who will be forced to close their premises and of course to lose the investments of years and to find too many employees of the gyms without a job.

Some of the measures that have been put on the table by the gymnasts are the following.

The gyms should be cleaned and disinfected daily before opening, after closing and during the day.

Placing plexiglass between machines and reception desks.

Mandatory mask and disposable gloves by employees.

Installation of markings on premises and machinery which will not be for use

Continuous testing for the exact number of people who will always be allowed to exercise based on the squares in each gym.

Limited number for members who will use group programs and only by appointment

Do not use the locker room especially in the first days of reopening.

Everyone is anxiously awaiting when the gyms will start operating again, under what conditions and what their future will be.