7 healthy breakfast for all days of the week

You do not have the same need every day, you certainly do not have the same mood every day and many times the required time to prepare what you will eat for breakfast!
However, since breakfast is one of the most important meals of your day with many studies supporting its beneficial effect on weight management, but also on improving performance and concentration later in the day, let’s look at some healthy suggestions mornings!

Tell me how you feel about telling me what to eat!
7 healthy mornings for different moods, as many as the days of the week!
Are we starting ?

Of power :

Did you wake up in the mood for morning workout? Maybe you just feel tired and that your strengths are leaving you! Then today is the time for this breakfast. Guess what it includes? My favorite egg! Make an omelette of 2-3 eggs by first beating only the egg whites until they become a meringue, then add the yolks to the mixture and throw in a non-stick pan with your favorite vegetables! You haven’t eaten a more filling omelette! It inflates so much in this way and keeps you full, replenishing your lost strength for hours!

Of running :

Don’t you even have time to sit at the table for breakfast? This does not mean that you will eat what happens from the first oven you find and you will spoil the order in which you have entered. Pour the milk of your choice into the mixer, a banana, 1k peanut butter soup and a little cocoa and beat for 2 minutes! Transfer them to your shaker and drink it while driving for your work!To start with, you’ll love its style and secondly, it’s going to fill you with the required vitality to begin your day! Don’t forget to tell me that I recommend it even before your workout, especially when you have to run or ride several kilometers!

The ligoura :

And yes there are these days when you wake up with this invincible need to eat something sweet! I am with you! I have many favorite suggestions but I will single out the pancakes because I know we all love them! I have the easiest recipe for you, you won’t even need a pen! 1 banana and 2 eggs, melted until smooth and roast in a non-stick pan over low heat. Garnish with honey or tahini cocoa!

Of laziness:

You woke up… but you don’t even want to get out of bed. We have all experienced it! No matter how bored you are, don’t miss your breakfast! An Arabic pie with cheese, turkey and vegetables is the easiest solution, or alternatively an Arabic pie with banana and tahini if ​​you are not in the mood for a salty but sweet version!

The routine:

Guess what I would suggest you not to neglect in a routine context? The precious yogurt! I know there are supporters and not this food for breakfast, but don’t neglect to intensify it in your breakfast, because it helps control weight and better gastrointestinal function. Add fresh seasonal fruits, cereals or oats, seeds (flaxseed, sunflower seeds, chia), nuts, honey and optional Ceylon cinnamon!

Of luxury :

These are the days when you wake up in a mood to take care of yourself, to take care of him. You deserve it, after all! These days, make a fresh juice by grinding all your favorite fruits and accompany it with toasted bread with wholemeal tahini, banana / strawberry and chia seeds! This morning’s fiber will fill you up and its good fat content will take care of your heart health.

The test :

Is there a test without avocado? It can not be done! I want to teach you to intensify it in your meals, because its properties are excellent! Melt 1/4 avocado on a toasted slice of bread, squeeze a little lemon, add a boiled egg with salt and pepper on top and you’re ready! A test worth making a habit of!